One of the greatest honors is to be called a servant of Christ. That’s what we are as we move on to maturity in Christ and begin to contribute to the body of Christ as we use our spiritual gifts to serve others.

Do you know that your spiritual gift is not for you? We have not been given gifts and abilities from the Lord just for us. We have each been given gifts from the Lord for the purpose of serving others.

Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus
Romans 1:1

I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible
1Cor. 9:19

It was the Apostle Paul who also said that he would gladly spend and be spent for others. Wow… what a picture of the life we have been called to live. A life spent, not for us… but for others.

What does it mean to be a servant?

It seems this whole concept of servanthood in scripture is all about our willingness to go out of our way to meet a need in someone’s life. I’ve heard it said before that you can never serve God unless you first learn to serve others. As a servant of Christ, the Apostle Paul made himself a servant to everyone.

When we think of serving, we often think of discovering our gifts and using them within the church. As appropriate and healthy as that is, I want to challenge you to start serving first in your home.

Look for ways that you can serve your spouse this week, look for ways that as a servant of Christ you can serve your children or ways you can serve your parents. Yes, it’s the right thing to do to use your gifts to serve others in the church, to find your niche, to make a significant contribution with your time and gifts, and there’s not a better place for us to practice having a servant’s heart than in our homes.

Reach out beyond yourself and serve others. You have a special gift from the Lord, and that gift is not for you, it for someone else.

Make it your goal to discover and use your spiritual gifts to help others. Look for helpful ways you can serve others this week. One cannot grow apart from this all-important spiritual exercise.

For further study, check out the messages Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit or the book Gifts that Shape Your Life and Change Your World.


Lord, thank you for the personality and the gifts you have given me. I want to use them in such a way that brings honor to your name and advancement to your Kingdom. Give me eyes that can see opportunities to serve the body of Christ this week. I thank you allowing me to be called one of your children and one of your servants. Even as you came to serve and not be served so I am looking to serve others and not be served. I’m honored to be known as a servant of the Lord. I love you! Amen.

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