Just recently the Wall Street Journal, as well as the Daily Mail and other news sources, reported on North Korea’s threat of an Electro-Magnetic pulse (EMP) attack on America. In fact, two recent missile tests in North Korea reached 300 miles into space, the exact distance necessary to detonate a pulse that would devastate an entire country.

The prophet Isaiah issued a warning to a godless nation predicting that it would, “Sit in silence, and go into darkness.”  (Isaiah 47:5)

This precisely describes an EMP event.  Silence and darkness.

During the U.S. Presidential debates of 2016, one presidential candidate addressed the serious potential of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack on the United States.

An EMP attack would wipe out the nation’s electrical grid, all electronics, all vehicles with electronic systems, and all electric pumps. It would create literal “silence and darkness.”

With North Korea in possession of nuclear weapons, and given the radical and unstable government of Kim Jong Un, it’s all in the realm of possibility. Fox, ABC, and CNN have all reported on North Korea’s threats of war with the United States.

In the Book of Revelation, we are told that during the Tribulation the world will not only experience spiritual darkness but literal darkness. How can darkness come to a nation in a nanosecond? An EMP attack is certainly one possibility.

Imagine that you and your spouse decide to take a vacation far from home. You have grown children and grandchildren, and you are now retired. Suddenly, a solar flare or an explosion over your location brings an electromagnetic pulse that completely neutralizes all batteries, all electronic equipment, cell phones, electronic notebooks, everything that has anything to do with electronics and electricity. The electrical grid is fried, inoperative. There is no radio, no television, no phone service, no Internet, no vehicles moving.

What are you going to do? How long would it take you to walk back home? Such an event would devastate any country. It would take months or even years to get communications and transportation back up and running.

With Iran on the path to nuclear capabilities, and a stated agenda to destroy Israel as well as all western civilization, and with North Korea making these severe threats, the scenario could be getting closer.

It’s time for pastors to preach the ancient prophecies that point to our day.  It’s time to call for genuine repentance and a whole-hearted turning to God now. One day it will be too late.  For now, there is still time to prepare.

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