Strategic Global Mission
Strategic Global Mission (SGM) is a non-profit corporation with the sole purpose of accelerating the Gospel of Jesus Christ through targeted grants, scholarships, and pastoral education.

Our mission's focus is razor sharp

In 1995 the Lord spoke to Dave and Mary Jo about the critical need to reach children and ministers.

Three Prongs:


Grants are provided to selected, non-profit ministries that focus on at-risk children and inner-city ministries whose goal is to reach and minister to children.


Scholarships are provided to ministry-training schools and colleges that follow the criteria set by SGM. Properly training pastors and leaders is the most cost-effective form of evangelism.

Missions and Pastoral Education

Missions and Pastoral Education is the personal ministry arm of SGM and includes:

  • Speaking ministry
  • Weekend seminars
  • Dave Williams’ schools
  • Decapolis Publishing books and media
  • Partnerships with Bible schools and colleges

Reaching Children and Investing in Pastors

Dr. Dave Williams believes the Lord spoke to him in 1995 about the critical need to reach children and ministers. Gangs, cults, and drug dealers are all vying for the children’s attention. If we can reach them first with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will help create a better America (or any nation where grants may go).

Also, as proven by the Dave Williams Church Planter’s School, we can actually accelerate the Gospel by investing in pastors and pastoral trainees.

For example, Frisk May, a young ministry student in Capetown, South Africa (1987-1991) had escaped a communist army in Namibia and came to South Africa where he met the Lord and began attending Cape College of Theology. After graduation, Frisko became a prominent evangelist, preaching in churches, on the streets, and wherever the Lord opened a door. Literally, over 500 people prayed to receive Christ through Frisko’s ministry in his first year. Since then, it has been thousands. And it only cost about $600 to provide to scholarships to Frisko. (He also worked to help support his education).
We have found this to be true almost across the board when we properly trained ministers. Ministers with churches of few members grew by 100 or more in less than a year after attending the Dave Williams Church Planter’s School. One church with no members grew to over 200 in a year after the pastor attended the school. We have enjoyed students from 17 different states and five different countries, including Europe and South America.

Here's a glimpse of a ministry supported by SGM.

The Power Company Kids Club is a faith-based, evangelistic outreach committed to giving children and teens in urban America a hope and a future. The ministry was founded by Pastor John W. Gunn in 1993 and has been serving at-risk, inner-city children and their families for almost 20 years.

Cost of Evangelism

Per Capita in the US
Costs of ministry divided by number of baptisms per year.

95% of all church budgets in the USA are spent on our own programs and comforts.

Less than 1% is invested in evangelism to the un-reached people of the world.

Christians spend 8 billion dollars a year on more than 500 conferences that talk about evangelism and missions. This is more than half the total actually invested in doing evangelism and missions.

The cost in the USA per baptized convert is $1,551,000 based on the amount of money contributed to churches and ministries compared to the number of actual converts in the United States.

SGM accelerates the Gospel through targeted grants and scholarships.

Per Capita through SGM Costs of ministry divided by number of baptisms per year.

  1. South Africa (William Tait): 30 cents per baptized convert
  2. South Africa (Alfonso Shilder): 12 cents per baptized convert
  3. Siberia, Russia (Michael Chowning): 58 cents per baptized convert
  4. Asia (Rey Calusea): 8.9 cents per baptized convert
  5. West Africa (Anthony Yeboah): 2.7 cents per baptized convert

We have scholars in Jamaica, Africa, Asia, and America.

Our mission's focus is razor sharp

  1. Grants to inner city-type ministries focusing on at-risk children
  2. Scholarships for properly training pastors and leaders
  3. Assisting church planters through education

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