Shattering Five Actions & Attitudes that Block Heaven's Miracles

How to break down the bastions and barriers that prevent believers from receiving from heaven. A revelation given to Dave Williams that is getting thousands free to receive the generous blessings God has promised to His people.

For those who desire:

  • Healing, deliverance, and freedom
  • To know the cause of blocked answers
  • To get free from “secret places” demons control
  • To learn your true identity instead of “veiled” self

Dismantling Strongholds

Online Course Available now

  • 5 Video Sessions
  • Workbook PDF Download

Dave Williams

Londa Wilkes

There is Breakthrough for you!

“Strongholds can be simple or complex.  I want to show you the telltale symptoms of a stronghold operating in a person’s life and how to deal with the root rather than trying to control or manage the symptoms.”

Dr. Dave Williams – America’s Pacesetting Life Coach

The Blockage

Learn the five big obstructions that block heaven’s answers and blessings from reaching us on earth, including the toxic, lethal seeds that become roots that form the pilings for the foundation of strongholds in your life.

When we came to Jesus Christ and were born again, false beliefs and ideas were not automatically eliminated.

Strongholds are cemented with

  • Thoughts contrary to truth
  • Arguments
  • Theories
  • Reasoning
  • Imaginations (lies and falsehoods)
  • Proud and lofty things
  • Purposes contrary to truth (deception)

Truth: You are an amazing, remarkable and gifted person, beloved of God, special to Him and important to the Body of Christ. Nothing would be the same without you.

Let the Holy Spirit Flow

Strongholds must be dismantled and demolished. We carry a piece of eternity here on earth, called the Bible. We enjoy a presence of eternity on the earth: the Holy Spirit. We can dismantle, demolish, and annihilate every stronghold to bring a flow of God’s lavish love and gifts from heaven into our lives.


Learn how to deconstruct Strongholds in families, churches, businesses and discover how to defeat the demonic realm.

Online Course Available Now

“I know you want the very best for yourself and your family. My prayer is that it will be a revelation to you, like it was for me…and you’ll be on the road to clearing every stronghold that has prevented God’s answers from getting to you.”

What People Are Saying about the Seminar

Wish I knew this stuff years ago! This has changed the way I think in so many ways and caused me to make decisions and choices differently.

I learned more about strongholds and how to deal with them and that I can defeat them. I so appreciate sitting under the anointing of Pastor Dave!

This seminar helped me identify the spirit of shame that had plagued me for years and how to renew my mind to be set free.

I’ve learned something new! The teachings Dave has imparted over the years have blessed me beyond measure. I pray others will benefit from these teachings also

Everything that we prayed for, you hit the nail on the head. This seminar brought revelation to me about issues in my life that I had questions about that I never knew were strongholds.

A fantastic seminar that is life-changing! Dr. Dave Williams is an amazing teacher with an amazing ministry and awesome staff. The presence of God was very strong at this seminar. Excellent!

Dismantling Strongholds (CDs & MP3s)

In an intimate teaching setting, Dr. Dave Williams exposes the unseen strongholds (fortresses) that thwart God’s blessings and power from flooding your life. In response to Dave’s cry to God for understanding on why so many believers miss miracles, gifts, graces, and blessings, the Holy Spirit revealed the answer through a vision. This dramatic teaching will show you how to:

  • Dismantle Strongholds
  • Demolish hindrances
  • Obliterate barricades
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Reap your harvest
  • Receive God’s best

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