Are you one of those Christmas shoppers that are always looking for that one unique gift that will be just what our loved one wants? Christmas shoppers want to give gifts that will be special and have meaning, that won’t just lay at the bottom of some drawer and never be used. And, Christmas shoppers want a great deal! The challenge is finding all of that in one gift. The good news is you can!

By giving a gift to Dave Williams Ministries, you can accomplish all of this and more. Your faithful giving allows us to do so much to accelerate the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

  • We provide grants to children’s ministries around the nation.
  • We provide scholarships to ministry training schools to help train pastors.
  • We conduct training seminars for pastors and church leaders, publish educational materials, partnering with bible colleges and seminaries, and minister to pastors, churches, and church boards that needs our help.

All of the kingdom work we do is possible because our partners faithfully give.

Your gifts help train the future leaders of the Church. Your gifts help reach at-risk children before the drug dealers, cults, and gangs do. Your gifts help with Kingdom work in the United States, and around the world. And, we do it 100% debt free. That means none of your donations go to pay interest to banks or credit card companies.

You see, giving to Dave Williams Ministries is the kind of gift that just keeps right on giving.

John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” What a great gift He has given us.

This Christmas season where our focus is the most significant gift ever given, the life of Jesus, please consider what gift you can give to God this season.

If you’re not currently a partner with Dave Williams Ministries, please prayerfully consider becoming one. Partnership levels begin at just $25 a month. Read more about the special benefits we offer to partners here.

When you partner with us financially, it’s not just a gift. It is fruit abounding to your account before the Lord (Philippians 4:11-17)

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