The Bible declares that the devil will work triple overtime in the final hours of history. Like any illegitimate ruler, he struggles to hold onto power. He knows his end draws near.

We’re in a war with Satan. His evil influence permeates our society. Sin abounds, and people accept as common situations and events that, even a few years ago, they would have found shocking.Thankfully, where sin abounds, God’s grace abounds all the more! 

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Lydia Ferrigan
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Intercessors who know how to pray!

During the four-day Holy Spirit Conference at Harvest Christian Center in Turlock, CA, a man was experiencing sharp pains in his chest and back during the conference. His left arm went numb, and he couldn’t breathe. He could barely get the words out to his wife, “Call 9-1-1. Heart attack!”

His wife ran for a phone as the man grasped his chest. One the intercessors from our team had a word of knowledge during worship about someone having heart trouble, so she began to intercede. Another intercessor was near the man, and she jumped into action and quickly got to him. She started praying and didn’t even know what she was praying for because the man was in so much pain he could hardly speak. After a while, the man got up, smiled, and said he was healed.

I talked to the man when I saw him the next evening, and he told me his story. He told me his name was Arvin and from Iran. He said not long ago he was homeless and hopeless and a man came to him in a dream and asked if he knew who he was. “Yes, you are Jesus, aren’t you?” “ Yes, and I have a plan for you. Why aren’t you in my house?” And that was the end. Arvin picked himself out of the gutter and ran to find a church, and he got his life right with Jesus. Eventually, Arvin met a beautiful woman and married her.

He is one of the happiest, most grateful people I’ve ever met. I thank God for our intercessors.

Arvin and his wife

A Desire for Prophetic Intercessors

My wife, Mary Jo, and her team of intercessors recently provided an amazing seminar for prophetic intercessors. It was a sold out event with registrants from around Michigan and various churches.

I talked with several attendees after the seminar, and they were overwhelmed with gratitude for the time, love, and ministry of the presenters. Here are a few comments:

  • Life changing and enlightening. I want to learn more. It was an amazing meeting with so many gifted individuals. I loved it.
  • I was SO encouraged and feel like I’ve been given some simple tools to keep moving forward.
  • I learned some useful tools for engaging prayer throughout my day, the power of our words, and denying the lies of the enemy.
  • The seminar taught me things I did not know about the prophetic and encouraged me to place a higher priority on interceding for my pastor.

Thanks to the entire team who ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit and motivated intercessors to reach higher than ever. Watch a recorded session on our Facebook page or join our mailing list to be updated on future seminars.

Authority in the Name of Jesus

A leading cause of defeat among Christians is not realizing our authority in the Name of Jesus. It’s of vital importance fact to keep in mind.

We’ve got the weapons of the Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus! We’ve got the weapons of the Word of God and intercessory prayer. The church needs to come to a full revelation of the power we have in the Name of Jesus. We can take back all that he stole and one day declare final victory with Jesus over the devil.

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