The pastor’s personal prayer partners are Aarons and Hurs. Aaron and Hur upheld Moses’ arms when he was weary.  As a result, a great victory came.  But Moses couldn’t do it alone.  He needed Aaron, and he needed Hur. The pastor needs YOU!

Lord, bless my Pastor greatly…

  • In their home
  • In ministry
  • In personal life
  • In times of study and preparation
  • In speaking and preaching assignments
  • In travels

Put your hand upon my Pastor…

Anoint them powerfully:

  • To do more than they can do alone
  • To achieve more than they can achieve
  • To see results in ministry that are supernatural
  • To touch people’s lives in a unique way
  • To minister in an unforgettable way

Enlarge my Pastor’s Territory…

  • Personally and in ministry
  • In influence among common people
  • In influence among ministers
  • In their effect upon lives
  • In preaching and teaching ministry
  • In my church
  • In every way!

Keep my Pastor from all evil…

  • People with ill motives
  • Wicked people with evil designs
  • Gossiping tongues and rumor-mongers
  • Hold them close and protect them from any plan of the devil
  • In thoughts, words, and deeds

Help my Pastor never to cause hurt…

  • To themselves
  • To family
  • To their church
  • To fellow believers
  • To fellow ministers
  • To the Body of Christ in general

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